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Our Clients

Our clients include a wide range of small businesses & individuals that are remote-based, with a specialty in the retail and service-based industries.

My law office has used Trapp Accounting since 2012 for its bookkeeping. On a monthly basis, or as needed, Trapp Accounting monitors and records all income and/or expenditures for both my operating account and my lawyer’s trust accounting. Per my instructions, Trapp records the information in QuickBooks Online, where I can access the info at any time remotely. When it comes time to do my office’s taxes, a QBOL report can be generated with the click of a button, and my preparing my return is 95% done already. In addition, as an attorney, at any given time, I need to know the exact breakdown of the contents of my trust account (which are funds held by my office for the benefit of others, and which account is strictly regulated by the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar). With Trapp’s realtime updating of the QBOL info, I can know the balance of any client’s/3rd party’s funds in my trust account, without having to reconstruct anything, or worry that my info is off. The balances match, and every transaction in or out is assigned to the proper matter. Having Trapp Accounting handle my office bookkeeping has taken hours of headaches away from my work-life. I am very satisfied with the work Trapp does for me.

Jonathan David

President, J&D

I have been working with Ashley for about five years now and she has become an indispensable part of my business. I’m so grateful to have someone who is so intelligent and organized to take care of tasks that I prefer not to do. She is always very accommodating and willing to go above and beyond. I recommend her services to anyone who is looking to take some responsibilities and numbercrunching off of their plate… It is freeing and so worth the investment!

Amber Antonelli

Owner, The Naked Bite

I have been very fortunate to be using Trapp Accounting Services for the last two years. Originally, we had an internal bookkeeper on our staff and we were forced to downsize this position. After hiring a CPA firm for basic bookkeeping we realized we were spending too much for basic accounting services. We then reached out to Ashley Trapp and her company to take over the bookkeeping for both of our companies. This last two years have been great as we have saved over 80% on our original accounting services, and response rate and customer service from Ashley is unbelievable. I have referred a few of my friends that own small businesses to Trapp Accounting Services. We are all very happy and this was one of the best decisions I made for our companies.

Anish Dave

CEO, Broward Real Estate Investors Association